More than matching

Further to my previous post –

This is a short video story of a client of mine (with permission from the parents). When I first started working with her she could not stand and could not walk. With collaboration with her Occupational Therapist we created a number of programs using lots of reinforcement to build the prerequisite strength skills she needed to walk unaided. This journey took several months (SIX to be precise!) and lots of hard work from all involved – her parents, her brother, her family, myself, her OT, her consultant AND not least, little one! Every time I see her get up and have a stroll around the living room, just because, I feel so proud of her! This is a crucial behavioural cusp for her and allows her to access so much more in her environment – from climbing the slide, to finding an adult to ask for something, to walking to her favourite toy! ABA isn’t just about ‘removing’ negative behaviours, it’s about teaching skills that are socially significant and make a positive difference for everyone involved.

We’re now teaching the next skills required to keep strengthening her muscles – she’s nearly running, and we’re doing lots of work to get her jumping! You won’t believe (or maybe you will!) just how fast she can move now! It’s an absolute joy (and chaos too which is what we like to see, sometimes!)

This is why I do what I do. ❤