If you are looking for short-term, solution focused work, then coaching might be the option for you.

If you’re nervous about a speech, unsure how to improve your work performance, not sure what to do with your life or need to work on your people skills I can help.

A mix of coaching and therapeutic approaches enables me to offer rapid fixes or on-going support, to manage a crisis or prevent one from ever happening.

  • Build self-care
  • Overcome anxiety with public speaking
  • Manage difficult conversations
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Improve customer rapport and sales
  • Be assertive, not aggressive
  • Learn to delegate, time-manage and prioritise

Coaching sessions can take place online, or face-to-face.

Individual sessions are £45 per 50 minutes.

Contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation phone call or for more information about how I can help you.