Noticing the wood for the trees…

In this mad, modern, polarising, crazy world it is all too easy to get hooked on how mad🤯/bad🤬/sad😭 other people are…and not even notice the small acts of kindness and connections that happen every day!

I bet, if you were to go into the world today and took the time to notice, you will see so many acts of small kindnesses – to you, to others, between others. 🤗

What if I was to give you a challenge? To BE the person who makes eye contact and smiles to a stranger, who says “Good morning”, who stops and holds the door open for another person, who says to the cashier “have a nice day” and actually MEAN it! 🤩
And to listen, and hear for those times when others are being kind – to you, to themselves or to others.

The world may be a little hectic and crazy nowadays but you have control over how you can treat others, and it’s these moments that can make a person’s day.

Be kind. Notice the small things. Do small things. Connect. Take your time.

It’s going to feel good!

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