Encouraging speech and communication

Encouraging speech…this is a fun little video in which we are shaping the little one’s speech sounds to be closer to ‘Swing’. This has been a long process…first, as she made NO sounds at all, we reinforced ANY sound she made whilst swinging (a HIGHLY preferred activity) with extra big/fast/more fun swings. Now, we’re waiting and modelling the sounds that we want…and when she makes a sound that’s closer to “swing” than before (e.g., “wing” vs “ing”) she’s getting even bigger/better/longer swings than if she just made an unrelated sound. This is so she knows when she’s got it right!
And listen to her trying so hard to make the sound “swing”. 😍

The most important thing is that we’re doing this when she’s having FUN and is highly motivated. 😁 Plus, what you can’t see is how engaged she is with us both, with lots of eye contact and sign!

She’s a little superstar!! 🤩


What is shaping?

Shaping is defined as differentially reinforcing successive approximations toward a terminal behaviour. It can be applied to any behaviour – speech, movement, sign language, length of time studying.